Saturday, June 22, 2013

Meatball Sandwiches & Mini Pizzas

If I could, I would love to go the "real food" route, with no food additives, preservatives, dyes, etc. for my family.  All food would be fresh and homemade.  But, as a full-time working mom with 2 little kids, it's not really possible for me.  Maybe other moms have it figured out, but I'm not there yet.  We do limit sugar and junk food in our house, and I also strongly believe in feeding my kids (and myself) well-balanced meals.  I always try to have something from each food group in the meals I serve to my kids.  I think this is why my kids like veggies and fruit and that they readily eat them.  It's expected.  It's part of every meal.  There's no question about it.

Flatbread pizza, was a go-to meal for awhile, but I haven't been able to find the whole wheat flatbread that I was using.  I keep hoping that it will reappear, but it's been months since I've last seen it in the grocery store.  I have seen white flatbread, but I'd prefer to serve my kids whole wheat bread, for more nutrition.  So I've tried using English muffins, but the texture and the taste is not quite to my liking.  Bagels and mini-bagels are nice, but the toppings fall through the hole in the middle.

With barbeque season upon us, hamburger buns are everywhere.  It got me thinking, why not make mini pizzas using whole wheat hamburger buns?  What else can I make with what I've got in my cupboards and fridge / freezer?  So here you go.  Lazy, lazy, easy to make food with my kitchen staples: marina sauce, frozen meatballs, cheese, and bread.

Meal 1:   Meatball Sandwich

3-4 T marinara sauce
1 T mozzarella cheese (Parmesan and provolone are good too), optional
1 hamburger bun or 2 slices sourdough bread
3 meatballs, halved

  1. Spread marinara sauce bread.  Sprinkle on cheese if desired.
  2. Toast bread in toaster oven.
  3. Warm up meatballs. (Homemade would be awesome, but I'm a fan of Trader Joe's turkey meatballs or their mini meatballs.)
  4. Put meatballs on bread and put other slice/bun on top.

Meal 2: Mini Pizzas

2 T marinara sauce
1 T mozzarella cheese
1 hamburger bun
2 T browned sausage and mushrooms

  1. Separate hamburger buns.  Spoon marinara sauce on buns.
  2. Sprinkle with sausage & mushrooms and cheese.
  3.  Toast until warm and cheese is slightly browned.

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