Saturday, November 23, 2013


Mr A has this series of Chinese books.  One of them is full of pictures of foods people eat.  One photo is of kabobs.  For some reason, Mr A is fascinated with kabobs.  This seems odd to me because he's not a big meat eater and the few times C & I have had them, Mr. A has wanted no part of them.

But being the indulgent mom that I am, or at least seizing the moment on making food fun, I suggested that we make fruit kabobs.  I cut up an apple, some pineapple, hulled strawberries, and washed some grapes - basically, all the fruits we had in the fridge.  I showed Mr A how to thread the fruits on the bamboo skewer.  He made 3 all by himself and ate a bunch of the fruit before it got on the stick.  Why I didn't take a pic before they were devoured?  I don't know.  Silly me! 

Keeping the theme, I decided to make a pasta on a stick version with roasted tomatoes, zucchini, meatballs, and whole wheat pasta.  Score for creativity and score for a balanced meal!  Mr A ate all 3 kabob sticks!

Roasted Cherry Tomatoes

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