Sunday, August 5, 2012

Cake Sandwich

 OK, so I was going to take a break from blogging today, but then I saw this cake sandwich on Cute Food For Kids!  Taking the photos took maybe 5 times as long as it did to make the sandwich and then to devour it.

Seriously, if sandwiches could be Disney princesses, this one would definitely be Cinderella.

I used sunflower butter, strawberry jam, and an almond cocoa spread on wheat bread.  (In hindsight, a little sliced banana would have been real yummy with this combo.)  Mr. A has peanut and hazelnut allergies, thus the sunflower butter and the almond cocoa spread - but good ole peanut butter and Nutella are great, or whatever your favorite sandwich fixings will work!

You know how there's the cliche, a pig with lipstick is still a pig?  Well, in this case, I have to argue that my sandwich tasted a little better since it looked more special and appetizing... and it couldn't have been more easy!

I used 1 slice of bread to make 3 triangles.  I put them on top of each other so they would line up nicely.  There were a few extra pieces that conveniently popped into my hungry mouth while I was taking pics.

Then I stacked them together and plopped a little strawberry jam on top for a little decoration.  Ta-da!  I just might make one for Mr. A in the morning.  Poor kid has never had a piece of cake before - just a (yucky) vegan cupcake (from Whole Foods) on his dad's birthday last year.  Well, this is not quite a cake but he will love it.

Cake Sandwich

1 slice of bread (wheat, white, whatever you like)
sandwich fixings - PB, jam, cream cheese, Nutella, cheese, ham - sky's the limit!

  1. Cut bread into 3 equal triangles.
  2. Spread sandwich fixings on 2 of the triangles.
  3. Stack triangles together, with the plain one on top.
  4. Dollop a little decoration on top.
* There are many variations here.  You can use a cookie cutter to make a round cake sandwich.  You can make more layers.  Have fun with it!


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